Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exec Board Perspectives...Ashley Fox

Hey everyone!
My name is Ashley Fox and I’m on the Executive Board for Dance Marathon Georgetown College (DMGC). I want to share why I got involved with dance marathon and some of the awesome things that are currently going on with DMGC.
The summer before I came to Georgetown I spent some time at Shriners Hospital for Children in Lexington. I visited the hospital with a group who threw a party for the children who were currently living in the building. While playing games and serving food, I met a boy that was about the same age as me. At the time, I was 17 and loved being able to drive and to go out with my friends whenever I wanted. The boy I met was just a year younger and he was bedridden due to his illness. It hit me that he couldn’t enjoy any of the things that a normal teenager should be able to experience. While I could walk out of the hospital and go to a movie or out to eat, he had to stay in his bed, secluded from the outside world. His situation really touched me and made me want to help kids who were like him. As a result, I knew that I wanted to be a part of dance marathon when I first learned about it as a freshman. I knew that DMGC would be one way to raise money for medical care for children like those at Shriners Hospital.
Currently, DMGC is up and running and we can’t wait for our next event. We currently are working on various fundraisers to raise money not only for our event in the spring, but also for the Children’s Miracle Network. This past weekend we had a soccer tournament in which 5 teams participated. Each team paid a $20 fee to play. Jose Baeza and his team members won the tournament and they were given coupons for Bruster’s and other prizes. In addition, I’ve been working with Clear Channel Radio, which is located in Lexington. DMGC is currently up on all of the websites for their radio stations and hopefully it will be mentioned on air. So tune in!!!
If anyone would like to get involved with DMGC, there are still positions available on the Executive Board. We would love to read your applications! Also, we’re looking for people who have special talents to come see us so that they can share their amazing abilities at dance marathon. Lastly, register!!! Registration is only $20 right now and you’ll get a t-shirt!